Department of Agriculture
Philippine Center for Postharvest Development and Mechanization
RCEF Mechanization Program

Available Technologies

Flatbed Dryer


The flatbed dryer mechanically dries the grains with the use of biomass furnace as source of heat. It can be used for custom drying and processing of seeds used for planting.

It has simple design and operational features and ensures good drying capability. Flatbed is applicable with a gasoline or diesel engine. It is less costly to operate.

Moreover, this is a climate-resilient technology which can be operated even during rainy days.

Power requirement 12 hp diesel or 10 hp electric motor
Capacity 6 tons
Drying efficiency Minimum of 75%
Heat source Biomass (direct/indirect-fired)/petroleum-based fuel burner
  • Has simple design and operational features
  • Applicable with a gasoline or diesel engine
  • Less costly to operate
  • Ensures good drying capability