Department of Agriculture
Philippine Center for Postharvest Development and Mechanization
RCEF Mechanization Program

Available Technologies

Precision Seeder


The precision rice seeder (PRS) is a self-propelled and a ride-on type planting equipment that accurately drops or places desired numbers of seeds at a precise depth and spacing.

Compared to manual planting, this machine requires less labor and cost of sowing. It provides uniform seed sowing and plant population. It has an adjustable hill spacing and more efficient seeding rate.

The PRS can plant dry, soaked and incubated seeds.

Number of rows 8
Row spacing Maximum of 30 cm
Hill spacing Adjustable
Seeding rate Adjustable
Planting efficiency Minimum of 60%
Components Furrower, seed presser, low bed trailer
Labor requirement 1 person (2-3 ha/day)
  • Reduces labor cost of sowing
  • Provides uniform seed sowing and improved plant population
  • More efficient in terms of seeding rate