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The thresher mechanically removes or separates the rice grains from the panicle or straw. It comes in small capacity and large capacities.

Compared to manual threshing, it has higher capacity and can actually save postharvest losses. It is custom build for performance efficiency.

Also, can be hitched to a power tiller or to a jeep. Smaller models with knock-down design can be transported by humans.

Small capacity/mini rice thresher
Engine 7-10 hp
Capacity Minimum of 1 ton/h, 1.2 tons/h, 1.5 tons/h
Type of cylinder Open-type cylinder, peg tooth
Threshing efficiency Minimum of 99.8%
Component Lifting bars
Labor requirement 2-4 persons
Large capacity
Engine 9-15 hp
Capacity 2 tons/h
  • Higher capacity than manual threshing
  • Custom build for performance efficiency
  • Can be trailer-mounted or towed by a carabao
  • Can be hitched to a power tiller or to a jeep