Department of Agriculture
Philippine Center for Postharvest Development and Mechanization
RCEF Mechanization Program

Available Technologies

Four-wheel Tractor


The four-wheel tractor is a self-propelled vehicle designed to carry, pull or propel agricultural machines and implements.

This machine can make your land preparation operations faster and easier. It is flexible in both dry and wet soil conditions, and has better traction.

This multi-purpose farm machinery is recommended for large-scale farm operations and can also be utilized for transport, hauling of farm inputs and towing of farm machinery like rice combine harvester.

Engine 48-52 hp
Steering system Power steering
Implements Rotary tiller
Other attachments Rollover protective structures (ROPs), canopy, seat belt
Field capacity 2-3 ha/day (@ 1 passing; rotavator)
Labor requirement 1 person
  • Makes field operations faster and easier
  • Can work in dry and wet soil condition
  • Has better traction
  • Multi-purpose vehicle especially for transport and hauling of farm inputs
  • Recommended for large-scale farm operations